Hi everyone & welcome to BEVIDA PALMS ✩

My name is Victoria & I am the founder and creator of BEVIDA PALMS.

I curated this brand to show others that style does not need to be over the top or hard to achieve. I've always struggled with styling and always felt most confident and sexy when wearing everyday, body shaping basics! 

That is why I brought BEVIDA PALMS to life. She is meant to give you quality and comfort all while still feeling and looking your best! 

I really wanted BEVIDA PALMS to feel like your best friend hyping you up; or even your sisters... This is where my brand got her name. I have two other sisters that hype me up and make me feel my best, whenever & wherever; they have always pushed me to do something about my passion for fashion and this is my surprise to them & my family. 

I have been so grateful & ecstatic to start this journey & I hope you guys are too! 
Thank you for the continuous support from my friends and family, you all mean the world to me & I would not be here if it wasn't for you!